From connections in timber engineering through roof and wall components to mixed- and specialty structures with steel and concrete, anything is possible.

Dimensions: 80 x 210 mm 
Thickness: 18 mm 

Minimum cross-section: 
Main beam: 100 x 240 mm, 
Secondary beam: 100 x 240 mm
(minimum cross-sections apply if the upper edge of the main and secondary beams are mounted flush)

21 units 8 x 100
(alternative screw length: 8 x 120, 8 x 140)

characteristic carrying capability: 50 - 78 kN
(For static calculations, the characteristic values ​​of the respective ETA must be taken into account and depend on the quality of the wood and the screw length used)

The benefits are:

  • Safety provided by Certification and monitoring
  • Simple and fast calculation
  • Highdegree of prefabrication
  • Quick installation

4 pair/package
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