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SHERPA Power Base L 130 C


The connection between the sub- and superstructure is carried out with the cap nut as screw closure whereas an ideal centring during the mounting is guaranteed through the cone of the head plate. With this type of closure and the respective components, the highest load bearing values can be obtained within the Power Base product range. Power Base C is divisible and adjustable under full load.

Height adjustment area: 150 - 200 mm
R1,d (pressure) - steel: max. 129 kN

Dimensions and coating:
  • End plate: Ø 96 mm
  • Base plate: 12 x 140 x 140 mm
  • Coating: Zink-Nickel

  • End plate: 3 Pcs. 8 x 160 mm, Item# 10000023939 (included) for a min. wood dimension of 120 x 120 / Ø 120 mm

  • End plate: 3 Pcs. 8 x 180 mm, Art.Nr. 10000026101 (Alternative) for a min. wood dimension of 140 x 140 / Ø 140 mm

  • Base plate borehole: 4 x Ø 15 mm (Fastening not included)

Open-end wrench (not included in the delivery package):
32 mm (height adjustment)
55 mm (coupling nut)

5 pcs./sales unit incl. 15 pcs. screws 8 x 160 mm ZnNi

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