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SHERPA EFCON facade connector


The main purpose of the SHERPA EFCON facade connector is to fix timber constructions to a load-bearing subbase such as exterior walls of new or existing buildings. It enables mounting and fixing of prefab facade elements in timber construction for building ecologically high-grade and energy efficient building envelopes.

The SHERPA EFCON facade connector consists of two components. This connector enables fixing and adjusting facade elements in a friction-type and precise manner. Horizontal and vertical wind forces, dead load and earthquake loads, if any, can be diverted to the substructure.

EFCON component 1 for supporting structure

Dimensions (b/h/l): 210 / 135 / 95 mm
Drill holes: 2x elongated hole 13,2 x 40 mm
Fasteners: 2 pcs. expansion anchor or screw anchor bolts or injection anchor
Material: S235 JR-Fe/Zn12/C

EFCON component 2 for facade element

Dimensions (b/h/l): 60 / 365 / 54 mm

Fasteners metal:
1 pc. hexagon screw M12x1.5x70 8.8 as per MBN 10105 incl. nut with flange M12x1.5 as per MBN 13023

Height adjustment metal: 
2 pcs. hexagon screw M12 8.8 as per EN ISO 4017 incl. ounter nut M12 as per EN ISO 4032

Fasteners wood:
4 pcs. c 45° 7 pcs. special screws 8x 120/140/160/180
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