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Success story - the dock

Work, connect, relax, enjoy

In the heart of West London, working, meeting, relaxing and enjoyment zone "The Dock" was created on around 6,000 m2. We are proud that materials and know-how from Styria were also used.

Anyone planning a trip to London next year should make a detour to the west of the city. We are not talking about the film location of the romantic comedy “Notting Hill” - although it is only a stone's throw away. In West London, probably the most prestigious part of the city, a remarkable project  (to be completed in the course of next year) is underway in which SHERPA's connectors play a supporting - or rather a connecting - role.

Glass and wood
The existing building “The Grammophone Works” was extended outwards and upwards. Based on the canal side architecture of the past, an impressive 6-storey glass and wood structure with punched, glazed openings was created. The modern and sustainable timber construction in the middle of the socalled creative district offers ultra-modern workplaces, meeting areas, a green roof and a public café connecting Kensal Road with the Grand Union Canal. With continuous breakout rooms and terraces offering inspiring views, this is a place to work, connect, relax and enjoy.

Internal and external sustainability
“The Dock” was designed with sustainability in mind and was awarded the BREEAM certificate before completion. This stands for “Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method” and is the oldest certification system for sustainable building. In addition to the façade combination of wood and exposed concrete, a photovoltaic system was installed on a green roof. With intelligent shading and outdoor terraces, the architects implement the measures both inside and outside. Commuters were also taken into account at the planning stage - there are parking spaces for 130 bicycles.

Frohnleiten and London

The large SHERPA team also includes TT Fixings from Derbyshire/England. The Managing Director, Tony Everly, personally took care of the project on site and the delivery of our products. B&K Structures, with whom TT Fixings has had a long-standing partnership, is responsible for the planning of the project. The key to the success of the project was the precise provision of the required fasteners for pre-fabrication in the factory. “With the excellent support of SHERPA, this was accomplished seamlessly,” says Tony Everley of TT Fixings, enthusiastic about the cooperation. 

SHERPA products in use: A total of approx. 120 SHERPA L-Series connectorswith 2,000 special screws were used.