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Soundproofing with SHERPA

SHERPA Regufoam expands the SHERPA product range with sound-proofing decoupling bearings for solid wood (BSP plates) and wood frame construction.

SHERPA Regufoam Diagramm
The loads accepted revolve around a sample object. Every construction plan should be preceded by computation by a building physicist/statistician!

Description of material:

Regufoam is a waterproof, rot-proof and mixed cellular polyurethane foam produced in twelve different strength levels. These various degrees of hardness are distinguished by colour. At the standard thicknesses of 12.5 and 25 mm a wide range of bearing frequencies can be achieved up to 8 Hertz.


  • Fast delivery
  • Time and cost savings on the construction site
  • Optimised & cut to your specifications 
  • High degree of elasticity and long service life
  • Area of static application from 0.011 to 2.50 N/mm², dynamic application area up to 3.5 N/mm²
  • Minimal amplitude dependence
  • Proven long-term behaviour and excellent durability

Regufoam soundproof bearings reduce vibrations (air, body and footfall sound) effectively, increase building value and improve working and living quality in the house.Principle"
If a mass is thrown out of its equilibrium position by a short-term external force, it begins to vibrate with the natural frequency of f0.abklingen der Schwingungen
Reduction of these vibrations depends on absorption in the springs.
In Regufoam materials this absorption is described in terms of mechanical loss factor.
Irrespective of its type Regufoam has a loss factor of between η = 0.09 and η = 0.28.