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SHERPA System Connectors at ADIDAS World of Football in Berlin

As it is known, the UEFA European Football Championship is currently taking place in Germany, and to mark this occasion, Adidas has erected the "World of Football" in Berlin. This impressive project was realized in collaboration with HÜBSCHER HOLZBAU AG and kpm3 Berlin. The stadium accommodates 2,500 spectators and features a playing field measuring 40x50 meters, designed entirely for reusability. This construction method allows for easy dismantling and reconstruction elsewhere, aligning perfectly with Adidas' sustainability strategy.

Our SHERPA system connectors played a pivotal role in this project. The approximately 1,800 wood connectors used significantly contribute to sustainability efforts. Their straightforward handling facilitates not only the stable assembly of wooden structures but also promotes a forward-thinking construction approach focused on durability and resource conservation.

We take pride in our connectors contributing to realizing innovative construction projects like the "World of Football" and advancing sustainable solutions in timber construction. Stay connected with us to learn more about our latest projects and innovations in timber construction!