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Overvew Load Carrying Capacity of SHERPA wood connectors

With SHERPA, the wood connector selection for a project works quite simply. With the standardized SHERPA system, you can respond to individual needs and receive several solutions.

Due to the different screw lengths, it is possible to achieve up to 80% higher load capacity on the basis of the ETA12 / 0067 with the same connector size.

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Extended Load Carrying Capacity of the wood connectors

The additional screw lengths allow a wider range of applications for the individual wood connector series.

 Charakteristische Tragfähigkeit M - LCharakteristische Tragfähigkeit L - XXLCharakteristische Tragfähigkeit XL - XXLÜbersicht  
The extended range of applications can help to save costs, for example by choosing alternative (smaller) connectors.

Thus, the L60 can be replaced under certain conditions by the M40 connector - which corresponds to a cost saving of almost 50%.

The SHERPA product range is a modular system that allows the best possible solution in terms of economy and practicality.

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