Measure for free with “ingtools”!

At the HOLZ in Basel 2019, the free online design software for SHERPA connections was presented to a wide specialist audience for the first time. In addition to the connectors, users can now also reliably measure the Power Base support feet.

The customers benefi t from thepartnership between SHERPA Connection Systems and the online dimensioning software “ingtools”: You can access all the functions for measuring SHERPA products free of charge (without the need to install or update) on the SHERPA website, and more recently also for the “Power Base” column bases in addition to the connectors. The online measurement software can be used with any playback device (smartphone, tablet or PC). The user interface individually adapts to the screen size. All that is required is a (free) registration. The submitted data is transferred together with the measurement results to the verifi able structural analysis verifi cation in pdf format.

Intelligent software built on modules

The user interface makes use of individual modules and thus provides a perfect overview. Users also have access to a project management system. Individual items can be assigned to a project and given a status. That allows saving and calling up with the last editing status.

SHERPA Module in ingtools
​The modules from SHERPA in the free “ingtools” online measurement software

With fire proof

The module for the connectors of the XS to XXL series is characterised by a high level of detail. A differentiation can be made between the design variants “milled into the main beam”, “milled into the secondary beam” and “visible mounting”. Soon it will also be possible to consider R90 and R120 fire resistances in addition to R30 and R60. The basis for this is the new ETA-12/0067. The user is continuously supported when entering the connection data. For example, only those connectors that can actually be used with the available timber cross-sections are displayed for selection. This applies to solid wood and glulam made of softwood as well as to beech. When entering the load values, the load factor for the selected connector-bolt combination is displayed instantly.

SHERPA Modul für XS- und XXL-Serie
​Module for connectors from the XS to XXL series

Powerful column bases

Meanwhile, the seven Power Base types can be measured as well. A separate module was developed for this purpose. All that is required is the entry of the service class according to EN-1995-1-1, the wood quality used with the corresponding wood cross-section and the load values. 

SHERPA Modul für Stützenfüße Power Base
​Module for Power Base

Direct line to support

If you have any questions, you can always contact SHERPA technical support. The contact details are stored in the user interface of the individual modules under the navigation item “Contact”. In addition, there is also the option of packing all the connections of a project and sending them to the support address with the individual questions by e-mail.

The advantages of the online dimensioning software for SHERPA connectors are obvious:
  • Free access to all functions for dimensioning SHERPA products
  • Access to the current version at any time without installation or update
  • The calculation result is available as a verifiable proof of statistics in pdf format