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Use longer system screws ensure an increase in performance while reducing costs.

This applies to the following connector series:

M series
Standard screw length: 6.5 x 65 mm
Alternatives: 6.5 x 85 and 6.5 x 105 mm

L series
Standard screw length: 8.0 x 100 mm
Alternatives: 8.0 x 120 and 8.0 x 140 mm

XL/XXL series
Standard screw length: 8.0 x 160 mm
Alternatives: 8.0 x 180 and 8.0 x 200 

If you have any questions or need technical advice, the technical support at SHERPA Connection Systems GmbH will be happy to help:

Phone.: +43 3127 41 983 - 311
Mail: support@sherpa-connector.com

Here you can download the Power Card for the system screws as a PDF file: Power Card - system screws

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Badl 31
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*If required, we will be happy to send you the new Power Card on the subject of alternative screw lengths by post or as a digital file. Please send us an email to office@sherpa-connector.com.