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EuroCode-5 Webinar with SHERPA

The webinar is aimed to update the basic knowledge of Sherpa's products for engineers and designers, upskill  you in the selection and use of connectors, and we will also share news about new products.

During the webinar, we will cover the following topics in detail:

· Overview of Sherpa Connectors (Austria)

· Fastening wooden beams to a wooden base

· Fastening timber beams to concrete and / or metal subfloors

· Improving the fire resistance of the assembly with Sherpa connectors

· Facade connectors

· Adjustable column supports

· Connectors for CLT panels

· Furniture connectors

· We will set aside a separate time for answering questions.

Maxim KOKHOV, General Director of EUROCOD 5 LLC, Engineer

Invited Specialist: Josef KOWAL, Sherpa Technical Support Engineer

Language: Russian

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